Act! CRM Consultancy

Act! CRM Consultancy  

Every business has different CRM requirements and processes which is why it is important to customise your own Act! CRM solution so it fits exactly with your business requirements. Our Act! Consultancy services allow you to get the best return on investment from your Act! software. By tailoring Act! CRM for your business can involve changing screen layouts, adding specific database fields, changing categories, subcategories and customising reports.

Our Act! CRM consultants have a vast range of experience and take the time to understand your business, so you can use Act! in the best way that supports your staff and company.

Act! Consultancy Services.

Our consultants work closely with you to understand your business requirements and then they identify and agree on the scope of consultancy work to be carried out. Types of work involved include:

  • Creating and customising screens, reports and templates.
  • Customising contact data fields and drop-down lists.
  • Creating specific groups for companies and contacts.
  • Defining data import criteria
  • Setting up security and user profiles
  • Customising email and letter templates

Our Act! Consultancy services can also design specific crystal reports for your business, this gives a whole new level of reporting analysis.