Act! CRM Software Training

Act! CRM Software Training

To get the most of out of your Act! CRM software you need to make sure your staff is trained up on all the features and benefits that they can get from Act! CRM. Training makes sure that you get the most out of Act! CRM whilst it also makes your staff more productive and efficient, our Act! software training also shows you how to follow best practices, so your company data is as accurate and is an asset for your business.

Our Act! CRM software trainers offer a vast amount of experience from which to call upon, this allows you to get a great return on investment from your Act! customer database.  We offer a range of Act! software training packages which can be conveniently held at your offices, we can travel across the UK and train you up using your own Act! database. Our Act! software training courses can be made bespoke, so it fits within your existing business processes.

Our Act! Training Courses

Introduction Training

A one-day course for new Act! user s and teams.

Introductory topics include how to navigate the Act! interface, searching for records, working with contacts and company records, recording Outlook emails, attaching documents, working with reports, tracking sales opportunities, activity management, mail merges and managing Act! groups.

Advanced User Training

Designed for users who understand the basics and want to get gain greater value from Act!

For marketing teams, this can include how to profile Act! contacts, working with mailing lists, email marketing with Act! including an introduction to Act! emarketing, and using Act! to keep in touch with clients and report on marketing activity.

For sales users, this will focus on using Act! to manage sales opportunities, customising the opportunity module and using dashboards and reports to forecast sales and manage quotations.

Advanced user tuition can also include tuition on the latest new Act! features and improvements.

Database Administrator Training

Enabling Act! administrators and IT teams to customise, manage and protect their customer data.

Database admin topics include: how to create an Act! database, managing Act! data, import/export data, setting user security profiles, customising the database layout, using admin dashboards, configuring network access and setting up remote database sync.

Act! Emarketing Training

Empowering marketing teams to leverage integrated Act! emarketing.

Topics include: introduction to Act! emarketing, creating and customising email templates, scheduling email campaigns, analysing email campaign results and email tips and best practice.